About Us

Our Story

At Brandgevity, we blend proven investment models seen in venture capital and family offices, with the active portfolio advisory support more typical of growth-oriented private equity firms. With a focus on seed and pre-stage ventures, we provide access to capital, resources, mentorship, and strategic guidance to our founders and their teams, helping to establish the fundamental building blocks of a successful and sustainable business ready to compete in a competitive landscape with the potential to become a category leader. 

By actively nurturing and amplifying the voices of talented founders, many of whom are developing their first or second ventures, we aim to creatively match both our approach to financing and advisory services to meet our founders “where they are,” recognizing that the one-size-fits-all cookie cutter investment models result in bad marriages between founders and funders.Join us on this transformative journey as we invest in exceptional companies, founders and teams.

Together, let's create a future where entrepreneurs of all backgrounds truly have the opportunity and support to build brands that reshape the world as we know it.

Our Pillars

We are committed to investing in ventures that (1) drive market disruption, (2) possess sustainable advantages, (3) are led by diverse and dynamic teams, and, (4) have an ambitious, but attainable mission. By adhering to these pillars, we aim to create lasting value for our stakeholders while making a positive difference in the world. These four pillars form the foundation driving our investment thesis at Brandgevity.

(1) Market Disruption and Innovation

We seek out solutions that demonstrate the potential to disrupt existing markets and challenge established incumbents. We prioritize investments in ventures that introduce innovative solutions, technologies, or business models that have the power to reshape entire industries. Being able to prove this disruption with existing traction is always beneficial, but at Brandgevity, we understand that the ability to progress on the journey from concept to solution and solution to category leader is often resource-dependent.

(2) Sustainable Advantage

At Brandgevity, we are not interested in chasing fads. Instead, we invest in companies that have the potential to develop sustainable competitive advantages, such as unique intellectual property, proprietary technologies, strong brand recognition, immersive and engaged communities, and yes, extraordinary leadership. Companies that develop and nurture these advantages with intentional strategies and consistent execution mitigate investment risk and provide a strong foundation for long-term success and competitive differentiation.

(3) Diverse and Dynamic Leadership

We actively seek out diverse leadership teams that bring different perspectives  and insights to the table, recognizing that such teams drive innovation and often outperform homogeneous ones because of their unique lived experiences. It is important to note that this point of emphasis is largely a self-interested one: We believe that our investment outcomes are stronger when we back founders that others are likely to overlook.

(4) Ambitious (Yet Attainable)

We prioritize investments that align with our commitment to think boldly and act decisively. Accordingly, ventures that address pressing societal challenges, promote sustainability, and make a positive impact on local communities or the planet at large receive special attention. Our aim is to support companies that not only generate financial returns but dare to maintain and promote audacious aspirations. In fact, it is fair to say that the aspirations of our founders are the inspiration for our work.

Joining hands with our diverse range of founders, we are committed to building a future where innovation thrives, and every voice finds its place in the global business narrative. Our journey at Brandgevity is not just about investments and returns; it's about creating a legacy of empowerment success that transcends generations.