Clipkick Inc

Clipkick offers a personal media cloud service designed for secure and private storage, organization, and sharing of digital media. Unlike traditional social media platforms, it focuses on personal media rather than public broadcasting. Users can upload, store, and stream various media files, including videos, sound files, images, and documents. The service allows organizing media into playlists, called lineups, for easy access and categorization.

One of the key aspects of is its emphasis on privacy and security. Media shared on is done privately with selected individuals, such as close friends, family, or VIPs, ensuring that users have complete control over who views their content. The platform offers features for secure chatting around shared media, enhancing collaboration and interaction among its users.

Additionally, stands out by avoiding traditional social media elements like public feeds, likes, and anonymous commenting, making it an appealing platform for users seeking relief from social media pressures. It’s also worth noting that operates on an invitation-only basis, further emphasizing its focus on privacy and security.

This service caters to individuals, families, creators, learning organizations, and companies looking for a secure and private way to manage and share digital media