WNDR.com is a cloud streaming company that specializes in delivering premium, browser-based multiplayer meta-games, virtual events, and immersive open worlds. Their platform is designed to be accessible on any connected device through a simple web link, making it easy to share and experience these digital environments.

The company focuses on creating 3D immersive experiences that capture the essence of VR and AR without requiring specialized hardware like goggles. This approach allows users with an internet connection to enjoy AAA-quality gaming experiences on various devices. WNDR's streaming engine enables small teams to create and monetize high-end game experiences in Unreal Engine, bypassing the need for traditional publishers and game studios.

One of the key offerings of WNDR is the ability to interact with a live crowd during experiences, either via text or voice chat, and the option to sell physical or virtual goods, including NFTs, directly from the immersive setting. Their technology supports the creation of vast, hyper-realistic open-worlds, games, and experiences.

WNDR aims to bridge the gap between hardcore gamers and the broader internet user base, offering engaging and entertaining web-based content. They provide a platform for mass distribution of digital content, including games and experiences developed in-house, and also for other developers registered with game engines like Unreal and Unity.